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Trunk Show Offer

Sustainable and Ethical fashion made simple and elegant: A talk and Trunkshow offer.
We will come to your store and hold a fact filled information seminar about what is sustainable and ethical fashion, why it is good for them, how to identify it, who makes it and where to find it.
What do consumers gain?
What do you gain as a Retailer?
Test new styles without investing in them upfront and gain customer feedback and sales
Earn the retail markup without investment.
Create excitement in your store.
Have reason to invite customers to your store.
What do you have to do as a Boutique?
You have to be a current customer of rupalee or Ojasvy.
Located  in 150 miles or about 3 hour drive from Philadelphia, PA
Would like create excitement in your store, may be invite press.
Are Willing to promote the trunk show event to your customer by email, fliers, invitation or calling or tie in the trunk show with an event going on you area.
What will we at rupalee/Ojasvy do?
Bring new styles to your store.
Talk about the benefits of fairtrade, sustainable and ethical apparel.
Talk about the fabrics.
Bring information and visuals of rupalee/Ojasvy. 
Talk to your customers. 
Let them try clothes.
Post the event on our website.
We get our wholesale price- you keep the mark up.
Want to try the Trunk Show and have a date in mind?  
Call us at 215-576-7188 or email at to discuss your event.

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