dyes used in rupalee and ojasvy apparel

Why Ojasvy and rupalee use Azo Free Dyes?

 Azo dyes and pigments are commonly used to color textiles and plastics.The manufacture and use of synthetic dyes are two of the world’s most polluting industries and azo dyes make up around 70% of all dyes used to colour fabric. There are serious concerns about the safety of azos. Most azos are water-soluble and there is the risk that carcinogenic chemicals from these dyes can be absorbed by the body through skin contact. Dye house workers have been know to suffer from asthma, allergies, birth defects and reproductive damage. Alongside the human cost, considerable environmental damage is caused by chemicals from these dyes. Some of the by-products, such as chlorinated aromatic amines, are toxic and may be potential carcinogens. The European Commission has  banned the usage of certain azo dyes for use in any textile or leather product which may come in "direct or prolonged" contact with the skin or mouth. Also, azo dyes and pigments resist biodegradation under aerobic conditions, so they are difficult to remove from an ecosystem.