Production Process

What is Rupalee?
Rupalee is a handicraft production and marketing initiative working with women artisans in urban villages. The initiative seeks to promote fair trade practices, empower women, and apply traditional craft techniques to create products for an international market. 'Fair trade with style' is the essence of the organization's activities. 

Craft Processes at Rupalee

Block printing 
Hand embroidery 
Product Range at Rupalee
Women’s accessories 
Christmas decorations
Greeting cards 

How does Rupalee work?

The organization works with a group of 275 women in the urban village of Karkardooma, Delhi. This group has been organized and trained by the organization since it began its activities in 2000. Production is based on traditional Indian craft techniques and artisan skills that include hand embroidery, appliqué, lac work, etc. Rupalee has adapted these traditional skills to develop products that are in sync with the international market. A clothing line called ‘Fair Trade in Style’ has recently been launched.

Production and marketing is organized according to fair trade principles. Artisans work from their homes. Their families are provided with medical care and education facilities. It is ensured that the group’s needs are met while keeping a strict focus on quality parameters and timely delivery of orders.

Rupalee is a member of various fair trade organizations including Fair Trade Federation, Coop America, and Sustainable Business Networks.

Who is Rupalee?
Rupalee was founded in 1996 by Poonam Singhal and Anuja Aggarwal. Poonam based in USA is a former NASA scientist who now oversees the marketing of Rupalee products across the globe. Anuja, a law attorney by profession, is responsible for training and production with the artisans in Delhi.