rupalee - fairtrade with style.

Jun 29th 2015

rupalee which means ” pretty woman” in Hindi- has created a contemporary clothing line that supports fair trade and sustainability.

is designed to make you look fabulous at all times, whether you are going for comfort or glamour. Our clothing is always feminine and graceful, yet practical. Since 1996, rupalee has collaborated with master craft persons in India to create beautiful hand-woven, hand-block printed and hand-embroidered garments under fair trade conditions. rupalee endeavors to place traditional craft techniques within a contemporary context. rupalee is designed for the woman who wants to know the whole story and is the embodiment of this originality while emphasizing a sharp eye for style and trend. rupalee is Fair Trade with Style- fashion that brings peace, dignity and respect to all- weavers, producers, and consumers. rupalee strives to give back to the world and the environment, and to practice kindness and gratitude for all we have, caring for all generations of life that follows.

rupalee also offers you a multitude of handcrafted products
– ranging from christmas ornaments, wreaths, greeting cards to jewellery and decorations for your home like tassles, glass miniatures, floral arrangements.

rupalee does both the direct sales of in stock items and the development of new products. As a result, rupalee is extraordinarily flexible. It is able to do everything from raw materials development to product designing. This is where rupalee really shines.

Inspiration often comes to our artisans while they are in the process of creating products. Each item
in the rupalee collection is an individual, handcrafted work of art.

rupalee founded and operates an outreach program that empowers women in certain villages
of India to financially support themselves in a creative, fulfilling and realistic manner.

rupalee promotes fair trade and strongly supports the cottage industry setting.

How can you get involved?

Wholesale/Manufacturing Partner – Working with our Design Team to design and produce quality handcrafted items/ Selling our goods in your store
Consumer – Purchase our products for your personal use
Volunteer Partner – Volunteer your skills and time to assist us in our efforts

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