Lotus Puzzle

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Lotus Puzzle
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    • Lotus Puzzle is Beautiful, Cool, Meditative and Contemplative. It is a tool  to  help calm down and focus. 

    • The Lotus Flower Puzzle to children as well as adults. It fascinates people of all cultures and races.

    • The Lotus Puzzle helps to focus, relax and calm down and it is recognized by psychologist and doctors for its therapeutic properties. Lotus Meditative puzzle folds into 52 different shapes.

    • The Lotus Meditation Puzzle was created in India thousands of years back to contemplate on the  continuous change and harmony in the universe.

    • The Lotus Puzzle supports in the development of creativity, imagination and figure manipulation skills.

    • The Lotus Flower Puzzle symbolizes  the seven planets of the solar system. The planets can be formed from the basic form of the Lotus Flower. The Lotus Flower is an invitation to explore and learn about the culture the east.  It is also called Wire Puzzle

    • Also called Lotus Puzzle is an ancient  Hindu meditation puzzle.   It is used to focus and  stimulate brain. some doctors use it to focus and relieve anxiety in their patients.  

    • Rupalee Lotus Puzzle is Made of Brass and glass bead.

    • Size 5"

    • Fair Trade


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Lotus Flower Puzzle. Meditation Puzzle. Wire Puzzle