Organic Henna Dye For Hair

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Organic Henna
Organic Henna
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Organic Henna for hair by rupalee is harvested from leaves of Henna bushes. Dr Gupta, who is an Ayurvedic Doctor  has helped us with the process to dry and hand grind the henna.   So - Choosy Women Choose Rupalee Organic Henna - Oh and men too!!

The Answer is NO!!!
No our Henna has no additives. Rupalee Oranganic Henna is absolutely Organic and Natural.  
No our is not Black Henna or any other shade of henna. Just Pure Organic Henna.
No our Henna does not promise other shades - which usually contains additives such as other plants, metallic salts, or man made dyes. Rupalee Organic Henna produces only red hues.
How to use:  Mix henna with water to a consitency of a paste and apply on hair with a brush.   Organic Henna for Hair by rupalee
Organic Henna Dye for Hair Highlights, Conditioning, Glow and natural color glow - Choosy Women Choose rupalee Organic Henna Dye -