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rupalee Quick Snip -Knife Edge Efficient & Ergonomical thread Snippers, Snips, Nippers.

Pick this tidy, ergonomically designed lightweight tool and you areready to trim loose threads efficiently & at incredible speed. Blades spring open which speeds the process and make these snipsvery efficient

Uses of Snippers, Snips, Nips

  • Uses ofSnippers, Snips, Nips

    • Great for Bead Stringing, Sewing, Quilting, Crafting & Embroidery
    • Sewing staple for professional garment sample makers. Garment industry workers rely on this tool to snip all those loose threads. 
    • Snips layers of fabric, Heavier yarn for craft and needle art.
    • Handy for nipping threads when machine quilting.
    • Keep it next to sewing machine and use it constantly.  Put another one in button box trim threads.
    • Use for cutting gift packing ribbons and decorative strings.
    • Great buy for Fisherman. Snips Fishing line and fly tying.. 4.5? size fits perfectly in tool and tackle box. Better than any line cutter.
    • Use for snipping dead heads of flower and bonsai . Florist love these. Snippers
    • Snips Makes Great Gift.
    • Very sharp points which are useful for pulling threads and reaching into tight spots for thread cutting.
    • Makes perfect Stocking Stuffer.
    • Shreds Paper and personal documents
    • Useful for a variety of light cutting duties
    • Back to School Essential.

Why are rupalee Snippers the Best Sellers

  • Spring Action Blades springs back to give rupalee snippers incredible speed.
  • Precision blades ground to give a longer cutting life.
  • Fast clean cuts.
  • Super Razor Sharp
  • Super Precise
  • Metal Body with corrosion resistant enamel finish.
  • Manufactured to highest standard.
  • Durable
  • Handsome.
  • Portable Design and very convenient
  • Out Standing Value
  • Best Seller
  • Fair Trade
  • Length is 4.5?

 Also know by all these names -  Snippers, Snips or Nips in the garment industry.

rupalee Quick Snip Knife Edge Efficient & Ergonomical thread Snippers, Snips, Nippers