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Handmade Heirloom Quality Scissors Medium

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Handmade Heirloom Quality Scissors  Medium

Length of Scissors 7”  |     Width 2”   | Cutting Blade Length  4”  | Weight  2 Oz

Handmade scissors. Heirloom quality. These scissors are made by artisan Mukesh, using steel and brass and are hand forged. 
Perfect scissors for cutting threads, strings and paper. 
Roadside Hair Dressers also use this scissors to cut hair in India. These scissors can be sharpened.
Use seperate scissor for Fabric and paper. 
Order these today and gift them.  Package in canvas bag- These scissors also make excellent men's gift.
6 inch scissors.
  • Barbers Handmade Scissors
  • Fair Trade
  • Brass and Steel
Handmade scissor. Heirloom quality. Medium Size
rupalee - fair trade with style